Art Major

Art Major is a competitive card game based around matching the paint cards in your hand with the required paint cards for your next masterpiece. Acquiring paint is a slow process, trickling in at a rate of one paint a turn. You need to either trade for the paint you need … or sell one […]

Derby Days

An adult derby racing event for a neighborhood block party. The inaugural event was kept to just the neighborhood and without any additional prints or fees. An entire branding package was developed for future years events.


Long time customer of Mayfifteenth, Wage Solutions, was looking to update their web presence to coincide with the launch of their new software, WageTracker (also developed by Mayfifteenth using Laravel). This new one-page design leverages the power of the new Centreforge Core theme, allowing for easily stacked homepages with easy management in WordPress.

Site Boss Excavation

For Site Boss we first laid out a simple splash page, and then eventually rolled out a new web page for them using one of our myCentreforge starter templates. The customer has complete access within WordPress to add more segments on the homepage, and every new news article they release reshuffles the news tiles into […]

NW Construction

NW Construction was a great project to work on. It was our first outing with Master Solutions, and we were able to take a completely open design, and apply a modern look to their companies web presence. After a quick rebranding, their site really took a personality of its own, taking what was our standard single […]